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Innovations in Online Education – Part 2 edX

The second innovation that came to mind was the edX, https://www.edx.org/, site that hosts online courses and classes from partner institutions. A complete list of schools and partners can be found at https://www.edx.org/schools-partners. The site was founded by Harvard and MIT. It is a great resource for those wanting to experience an online class or add credentials to a resume. The site also has verified certificates and course series. I plan on trying out one of the introductory computer science class to get a feel of how it works.


2 Responses

  1. I really like the theory behind all these open courses-open up education and make it free for everyone. I’ve signed up for and taken 2 of these classes and they were lead by really great teachers and provided some great content. I’m not sure they had the variety and innovation that I expected from schools with all this money they could spend on course design, but that won’t stop me from taking more. I think that because we’re not paying for the classes and they’re not for credit as such, that certainly affects the quality of the class participation level, and most who sign up never actually finish, but they still serve a valuable purpose.

    • The old adage something for nothing sounds good and feels great, but typically falls short of our expectations and needs. As long as money makes the world go round, we will still need to invest in a quality education. No one likes to do work for someone else and not get some compensation for sharing their knowledge.

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