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Innovations in Online Education – Part 1 Mobile Education

In a course I’m taking from University of West Georgia we were asked to write a couple of posts on our blog about innovative approaches to distance education/online learning. The first innovation that came to mind was mobile education. I first started experimenting back in 2009 when I got an iPhone 4 and the first gen iPad. Content creation and the ability to share and consume on mobile devices have come a long way since then. For example, the iOgrapher, http://www.iographer.com/, is a case for iPads that turns your iPad into a device for creating movies. There are lens, lighting and other accessories available to turn your iPad into a complete video solution. Being able to create content and share it on the go is pretty amazing to me.

Mobile devices are also handy for consuming content in online courses. Now with increased cellular speeds you can watch videos and share large files. Apps by LMS providers let students view course content and even complete quizzes and other assessments. My university, Lamar University, has subscribed to the Blackboard Mobile app. Blackboard Collaborate and Adobe Connect are a couple of solutions that are now connect mobile devices for synchronous lecture and screen sharing solutions.


2 Responses

  1. This iographer looks like a pretty amazing gadget. I am currently looking for an alternative to the old Flipcam, our faculty love to record lectures, plays, etc… I have been looking at the Bloggie cameras and thinking Ipods, but not anymore. I am going to look into purchasing these to go along with Ipad mini’s. Have you used the iographer at all?

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