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Digital Media – Unit 1

Learning outcomes

  • Define digital media terms
  • Convert base-10 to base-2
  • Create social network account
  • Create a screen capture image
  • Find the size of a file

To Do List

  1. Introduce yourself in the discussion board
  2. Take the pre-test in Blackboard
  3. Complete the reading
  4. Watch the lecture video
  5. Complete the assignment
  6. Take the Chapter 1 quiz


Introduce yourself

Use the discussion board titled “Introduce yourself” in Blackboard and introduce yourself to the class. Your major, interests, experience in digital media are some ideas. Please do not include “personal” information in this introduction.


  • Chapter 1 – Background


Lecture video


Getting Social and Jing

Summary: Create accounts in our class social networking site and use Jing to take screen shots.

Here is a video on how to submit assignments in Blackboard.

Total Points: 100

Go to http://online.mylearningcommunity.us/ow/ and create an account (5 points). You can optionally login with your Facebook account if you have one. This is a closed social networking site on my web server. Some information (not your profile) is available to the public but they cannot participate or comment on the site. We will use this site to show off your digital media creations.

When I validate your account, you will see a WEB label show up on your avatar. I will also send you an email when I validate your account.

Go to your profile and upload an avatar (picture representing you…does not have to be an actual picture of you) (5 points) 

Post a short description about you beneath your avatar and press the submit button (5 points). Remember that this information is public.

Go to the member screen and make me your friend (5 points). Whoever has a WEB tag has been confirmed as a student of this class and those with a MEMBER tag are previous students of my classes. You can chat with your classmates whenever they are online.

Post on the wall something you think the class will find interesting (5 points). Remember again, these are public comments.

  1. Watch the assignment video
  2. Download Jing from http://www.techsmith.com/jing/ (You do not need the Pro version.)
  3. Open a new document in a word processor
  4. Type “Eight bits makes a byte.” (10 points)
  5. Save it as a text file (.txt) (10 points)
  6. Open the folder where you saved the file and use Jing to take a screen shot (5 points) and paste it into a new Word document. (5 points)
  7. Right-click and select Properties on the text file for Windows or Get Info for Mac.
  8. Type how many bytes the size of the text file is in Word document. (10 points)
  9. Use Jing to take a snap shot of the properties window from step 7 (5 points) and draw an arrow with Jing pointing to the file size. (5 points)
  10. Insert the Jing image into your document. (10 points)
  11. Give an example of something that can be represented in analog and digital. Do not use examples from the book or video. (10 points)
  12. In this document, pick a base-10 number and write the binary notation for it. See p. 11 for an example. Do not use numbers from examples in the book. (10 points)
  13. Login to Blackboard and submit your text document and the document with the Jing image, text file size, and binary conversion. Make sure to attach both files before submitting your assignment.


Login to Blackboard and take the Chapter 1 quiz.


10 Responses

  1. I register on Class Social Site and now it’s saying your account is pending approval. Just trying to see if I register right.

    • You should have access now. I personally verify all registrations so the anyone registering in the evening will be activated the following day.

      • I’m having problem adding you ask a friend. It’s saying I’m not allow to view profiles…..I don’t know what going on.

      • Your account is activated and I am now showing on your friends list. I activate the accounts and only if you log in can you see profiles.

  2. I have a mac and my folders do not look like that I am trying to take the picture but when I open the files they look different

  3. If I save the document as ‘*.txt’ (text format) then I cannot add an image to it… so the second document should be a .doc (or similar)?
    “5. Save it as a text file (.txt) (10 points) “

    • The .txt file is just a file you create for the assignment. You need to place all of you findings and pictures in a .doc (or similar) file because .txt documents cannot contain pictures.

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