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Digital Media – Unit 2

Learning outcomes

  • Discuss digital imaging software
  • Define digital imaging terms
  • Change image properties
  • Describe effects of hue
  • Determine lossless format
  • Research and compare imaging software
  • Create an image
  • Rate images

To Do List

  1. Complete readings
  2. Watch lecture video
  3. Discuss digital imaging
  4. Complete assignment
  5. Rate students images.
  6. Take quiz


  • Chapter 2 – Fundamentals of Digital Imaging


Lecture video

Unit 2 Lecture Slides


Digital imaging discussion

Use the discussion board titled “Digital Imaging Discussion” in Blackboard and research two digital imaging software packages (like GIMP). For each, include the name (4 points) , publisher (4 points), website address (4 points), cost (4 points), target audience (4 points), 1 paragraph description (20 points) and five comments from users of the software (40 points). Write a one paragraph comparison of the two packages (20 points). Do not discuss software that another student has posted.


Modes, compression, and color

  • Start GIMP.
  • Load a photo you have taken. This photo will be viewable by the public when uploaded to our class social site so only upload pictures of people if you have their permission. You may consider a picture of a place or an object.
  • Save the picture in a lossless format (your choice) (10 points)
  • Set the width to 600 pixels  (10 points) and the resolution to 150 (10 points) by choosing scale image under the Image menu item.
  • Adjust the Hue of the image (located under the Color menu item). Choose B for the primary color and change the Hue to -100. (10 points)
  • Use the Text Tool (the icon that looks like a letter A) and type “Copyright 2013 – Your Name” on the picture. (10 Points)
  • Save your image as a .PNG file and upload it to our class social site. You will have to use the EXPORT menu item to save as a PNG file. (10 Points)
  • Add a description to the photo and explain that you changed the hue to create the effect. (10 Points)
  • Enter in the tags line: “sp14dm2” (You can browse with this tag to rate images uploaded for Spring 14 Digital Media Unit 2.) You can add other tags to your image if you want. (10 Points)
  • You will receive up to 20 points on how people rate your image. You must receive at least 10 ratings in order to earn these points. (5 points for each star).
  • Submit your final picture in the Blackboard assignment area for this unit.


Login to Blackboard and take quiz 2. The questions come from Chapter 2 and assignment 2 activities.


2 Responses

  1. When I try to save my image I only show options for 4 extensions, ex: .xcf

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