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Digital Media – Unit 3

Learning outcomes

  • Define digital imaging terms
  • Examine effects of the mid-tone slider
  • List GIMP filters
  • Compare lasso and mask tools
  • Construct a GIMP tutorial
  • Demonstrate GIMP tools
  • Explore GIMP tools
  • Rate images

To Do List

  1. Complete reading
  2. Watch lecture video
  3. Practice image editing
  4. Complete exploration project
  5. Post exploration banner in class social site
  6. Rate other students images
  7. Take chapter 3 quiz


  • Chapter 3


Lecture video


None for this unit


Image editing practice (This part is not for a grade, see Exploration 1 below)


Use image editing tools to modify your image.



  1. Open a picture that you have taken.
  2. View the Levels (histogram) of your picture under the Color menu item
  3. Move the mid-tone level to the left. What happens to your picture?
  4. Use the Lasso tool and select an area of your picture
  5. Click Invert under the Select menu item to reverse the selection and press the delete key. This will delete everything but your initial selection. Could a mask layer do this too?
  6. Select None under the Select menu item to deselect your image.
  7. Use the Rectangle select tool and draw a box around your image.
  8. Choose Crop to Selection under the Image menu item.
  9. Change the opacity of the layer to around 50%. Why would you want to change the opacity?
  10. Use the Oilify filter located under the Filter menu item in the Artistic group. Experiment with other filters too.
  11. Add any cool effects to your picture and post it to our class social site with the tag “sp14dm3a”.

Exploration project 1

Web banner tutorial


Create a tutorial using Word, or other word processor, on how to create a web banner in GIMP using JING image captures.


Capture the images in Jing, use Jing labeling tools (arrows, boxes, text) and paste into a document.

You must have at least

  • 5 Jing image captures with labels. (2 points each)
  • Complete instructions on how to complete the project. (20 points)
  • Use at least one picture (or clipart) (5 points) along with text for your banner. (5 points)
  • Set the image size to 800 pixels wide and 200 pixels high. (5 points)
  • Use the text tool to add copyright information to your image.  (5 points)
  • Save the image as a PNG file. (5 points)
  • Use at least 5 GIMP tools (filters, color adjustments, levels, etc…). (10 points)
  • A screen shot of the finished image (this is in addition to the 5 image captures above). (5 points)
  • Document and use one feature not covered in class. (5 points)
  • Post your banner image (PNG file) to our class social site (5 points) with a description (5 points) and a tag “sp14dm3b”. You can browse with this tag to rate images. You can add other tags if you like. (5 points)
  • Have others rate your banner. You will need at least 10 ratings to get these points. (2 points for each star)
  • Submit your tutorial document in the assignments area.


Login to Blackboard and take chapter quiz 3.


11 Responses

  1. I have trouble hearing the weekly lesson videos, even with the volume turned up completely on the computer and the video. Is there any way to increase the volume via blackboard so the playback is louder?

    • Some of the videos do not have audio. Look at the title and see if this is the case. They were meant to be a quick video to highlight something from the assignment instructions.

  2. We’re supposed to put some of these assignment items under assignments, but I am unable to open anywhere to post there. i’ve done everything for the assignment, but don’t know where to post it.

  3. Mr. Jarrell,
    Can you tell me how to submit another attahcment for the assignment please? I attached one document and not the other because I thought I would be able to submit more than one, but I can not get it to let me.
    Ramona McDaniel

  4. Either one is fine.

  5. Do we use the original picture or the one modified and posted?

  6. HOw do you change the opacity to 50%? I have looked everywhere for it and can not find it! Please help me!
    Your online student,

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