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Digital Media – Unit 6

Learning Outcomes

  • Define digital video terms
  • Produce video slide show
  • Research video editing software
  • Discuss video editing software

To Do List

  1. Read chapter 6
  2. Watch lecture video
  3. Watch video on how to use Moviemaker
  4. Watch assignment video
  5. Post video slide show
  6. Complete assignment
  7. Take chapter 6 quiz


  • Chapter 6


How to use Moviemaker



Digital Video Discussion

Use the discussion board titled “Digital Video Discussion” in Blackboard and research two software packages used for creating and editing digital video. For each, include the name (4 points) , publisher (4 points), website address (4 points), cost (4 points), target audience (4 points), 1 paragraph description (20 points) and five comments from users of the software (40 points). Write a one paragraph comparison of the two packages (20 points). Do not discuss software that another student has posted.


Video Slide Show

Summary: Create a slide show video.

Music not included in example.

  • Add 5 pictures (you can have more) (2 points each).
  • Add caption text over each image describing with the picture is (3 points each).
  • Add 2 animations or transitions (you can have more) (5 points each).
  • Add 2 visual effects (5 points each).
  • Create a title screen at beginning of video (Title of movie and your name or initials if you do not want to use your name) (5 points).
  • Create a credits screen at end of video (put your name or initials as the director and credit anyone that is in the movie) (5 points).
  • Add background music (about 5-10 seconds) at the beginning of the show (5 points).
  • Add background music (about 5-10 seconds)  at the end of the show (5 points).
  • Save your file as a .wmv file (or mp4 if you are using another editor).
  • Create a youTube account at http://www.youtube.com (5 points)
  • Publish your file to youTube.com. (5 points)
  • Add your video to our class social site (5 points), add a description (5 points) and add the tag “sp13dm6” (5 points).

  • Have others rate your banner. You will need at least 10 ratings to get these points. (2 points for each star)
  • Submit your video to Blackboard.

Note: You can find sound loops at http://www.flashkit.com/loops/ (you’ll have to scroll down a little to find the categories, download the WAV version of the file.) After you download the file, you will have to unzip the file before using it in Movie Maker.


Login to Blackboard and take chapter 6 quiz.


3 Responses

  1. Having difficulty with the software Windows Moviemaker, once I was able to download it using Google Chrome, the software shuts down or closes while I am using it. It also won’t let me save the slideshow or video once I have added music to it. Keep having to “reopen’ project that was shutdown midstream.
    Any suggestions for another free software that will work with Windows 7

  2. I am a mac user can I use iMovie to create my slide show?

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