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Digital Media – Unit 8

Learning Outcomes

  • Recall multimedia terms
  • Research multimedia animation software
  • Discuss multimedia software
  • Produce interactive multimedia with animation
  • Create a portfolio
  • Rate Multimedia

To Do List

  1. Read Chapter 8
  2. Watch lecture video
  3. Discuss multimedia animation
  4. Complete assignment
  5. Post Share Document
  6. Complete Portfolio project
  7. Complete chapter 8 quiz


  • Chapter 8


Lecture video


Multimedia discussion

Use the discussion board titled “Multimedia Discussion” in Blackboard and research two software packages used for creating multimedia animation. For each, include the name (4 points) , publisher (4 points), website address (4 points), cost (4 points), target audience (4 points), 1 paragraph description (20 points) and five comments from users of the software (40 points). Write a one paragraph comparison of the two packages (20 points). Do not discuss software that another student has posted.


Creating Interactive Multimedia With Animation

Summary: In this assignment you will create interactive multimedia using software called Share 4. You can use the full-featured 30 day evaluation version for this assignment.

Total Points: 100


  1. Click here to watch in introduction video on Share 4.
  2. Click here for a tutorial on using Share to create animation. If you are using a Macintosh, click here.
  3. Create a new Share document, you can use more than one page, and demonstrate the following:
    1. Using text. (10 Points)
    2. Using images. (10 Points)
    3. Using a sound file. (10 Points)
    4. Using a video. (10 Points)
    5. Add an object. (10 Points)
    6. Add a hyperlink. (10 Points)
    7. Create an animation. (30 Points)
  4. Go to the discussion area and create a post that has your Share file attached to it in the Unit 8 discussion topics so others can view your creation. (10 Points)
  5. Submit your file to the Blackboard assignment area for Unit 8.

Portfolio Project

Summary: Create a portfolio of select media projects on Behance.

Total Points: 100

Create a free account on Behance at http://www.behance.net/ (10 Points)

Go to http://www.behance.net/faq/question?id=3 and read through the portfolio process. More tips and troubleshooting are here http://www.behance.net/faq/subsection?id=2.

Only give the required information when signing up and make up a birth date if you want.

You may have to wait until the service sends you a confirmation before you begin work. You should receive the confirmation within 24 hours.

  1. Click the My Portfolio Tab and select Create New Project.
  2. Give your project a title. (10 Points)
  3. Select a Blank Canvas. (10 Points) This is a default now. Ignore this. You will receive the points.
  4. Add one image (10 Points), one video (10 Points) and one audio file (10 Points) from projects you worked on this semester. You can save a lot of time with your video by choosing the Embed option and pasting the embed code from a video you have posted on youTube. Also, your sound file will need to be in MP3 format. You can use this free program at http://download.cnet.com/WAV-to-MP3-Converter/3000-2140_4-10060500.html to convert your WAV to MP3 if your file is in the WAV format.
  5. Press Save then Continue.
  6. Upload an image for your project cover (read the requirements for the image size on Behance). (10 Points)
  7. Press the Crop and Continue button.
  8. Select a creative field.
  9. Add search tags. (5 Points)
  10. Enter a description and set description options. (5 points)
  11. Set your copyright permissions.
  12. Enter the tools you used.
  13. Press Save Changes.
  14. Click Publish Project. (10 Points)
  15. Press the My Portfolio tab.
  16. Hover over your project image and select View Project.
  17. Copy the link from your browser and submit this link in the assignment area. (10 Points)
  18. Logout of Behance and test your link.
  19. Email me your link when you finish so I can check and make sure your link works.
  20. Submit the link in Blackboard.


Login to Blackboard and take the Unit 8 quiz.


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