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Game Programming – Unit 1

Learning outcomes

  • Identify Gamemaker terms
  • Discuss game resource websites
  • Draw game sprites
  • Program game objects
  • Create game backgrounds
  • Design a game room
  • Program room navigation

To-do List

  1. Introduce yourself in the discussion board
  2. Download and install Gamemaker software
  3. Complete reading
  4. Watch video – Gamemaker overview
  5. Watch video – Creating and editing sprites
  6. Watch video – Creating simple objects
  7. Watch assignment video – Designing a room
  8. Complete assignment – Designing a room
  9. Watch assignment video – The choice
  10. Complete  assignment – The choice
  11. Complete Unit 1 discussion
  12. Complete Unit 1 Quiz


Introduce yourself

Use the discussion board titled “Introduce yourself” in Blackboard and introduce yourself to the class. Your major, interests, experience in digital media are some ideas. Please do not include “personal” information in this introduction.

Resources for Games

Use the discussion board titled “Resources for Games” in Blackboard  and post URLs of two sites with free graphics (7.5 points  for each site), URLs of two sites with free sound effects and/or music (7.5 points  for each site), a brief summary about each site (15 points for each site) and post a reply on two sites of another student (5 points for each site). Do not use sites that other students have already posted.


Located in the help section of the Gamemaker software

  • Sprites
  • Sprites editor
  • Objects
  • Rooms
  • Mouse events


Gamemaker overview

Creating and editing sprites (Windows)

Creating and editing sprites (Mac)

Adding Backgrounds – Windows

Adding Backgrounds – Mac

Creating simple objects

Creating navigation buttons


Designing a room

Summary: Design a room with simple objects. Watch the video for this assignment.

Total Points: 100

  • Use the sprite editor to create a sprite. Draw the sprite yourself.
    • Creating an original sprite (15 Points)
    • Give it a name (5 points)
  • Load 4 other sprites from the Gamemaker sprites folder and name them. Use a mixture of scenery objects. You can download graphics in the Resources folder in Blackboard.
    • Load 4 sprites (2.5 points each)
    • Name the 4 sprites (2.5 points each)
  • Create and name 5 simple objects for each sprite.
    • Create 5 simple objects (2 points each)
    • Name the 5 objects (2 points each)
  • Create a room and name it.
    • Create a room (5 Points)
    • Name the room (5 Points)
  • Design the room with the objects.
    • Add 5 objects to room (3 points each)
  • Create a design with the objects.
    • If objects randomly placed (5 points)
    • If objects placed in a an orderly fashion that tells a story. (10 Points)

Game Information:

Add the title of the assignment, your name and date to the game information (located under the resources menu item). (5 points)

The Choice

Summary: In this assignment you will create navigation buttons to let the player explore different locations. Watch the assignment video.

Total points: 100

  • Create sprites for three navigation buttons. You will need a sprite for when the mouse is over the button and when it is not over the button. (15 points – 2.5 points each sprite)
  • Create three backgrounds. (15 points – 5 points each)
  • Create an object for each button that will transport the player to the correct room. (15 points – 5 points each)
  • Create a hidden object that uses the “Display message” action during the creation event to describe where the player is traveling to. (15 points – 5 points each room)
  • Create three rooms (15 points – 5 points each), add the hidden description, navigation buttons to the other areas, corresponding background.
  • Create the mouse over effect for each button. (15 points – 5 points each)
  • Add a transition between each room (chosen when adding the different, next or previous room action). (5 points)

Game Information:

Add the title of the assignment, your name and date to the game information (located under the resources menu item). (5 points)


Login to Blackboard and take the Unit 1 quiz.


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