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Game Programming – Unit 3

Learning outcomes

  • Identify Gamemaker terms
  • Use random control actions
  • Design a program to create objects

To-do List

  1. Complete Unit 3 readings
  2. Watch video – Random events
  3. Watch assignment video – Diamond Explorer
  4. Complete assignment – Diamond Explorer


None for this unit.


Located in the help section of the Gamemaker software

  • Actions: Main Actions, set 1 – create instance and create moving


Random events


Diamond Explorer

Summary: Create a game where an explorer follows the mouse cursor and collects diamonds. Diamonds are randomly created by a spawning object. Watch the assignment video for a sample of play.

Total Points: 100


Diamond, explorer, wall, spawner, continue button (10 points – 2 points each).
Draw your own sprites for each. Do not use images created by someone else.

Sounds and Music:

Add a sound for when the explorer collects a diamond (5 points) and when the spawner creates a new diamond. (5 points)


Create a background for the Game over room. (5 points)

Create a background for the Title screen room. (5 points)


  • Explorer, wall, diamond, spawner, continue button (10 points – 2 points each)
  • Explorer – Will follow the mouse cursor (5 points). Destroys diamonds when a collision occurs. (5 points). Plays a sound after collision with diamond. (5 points)

  • Diamonds – bounce after collision with wall. (5 points)
  • Spawner – randomly creates diamonds and sends them off. (10 points) Sound plays when diamond created. (5 points)
  • Continue button – start the game from the title screen.
  • Other – Game over when no more diamond instance are in the room (check for this in the End Step event for the explorer). (5 points) Add a transition between rooms. (2 points)


  • Create a room and add a border with the wall object, add wall objects inside of the room, add the Explorer object, the Spawner object and two diamonds. (5 points)
  • Create the Game over room. (5 points)
  • Create the Title screen room with continue button. (5 points)

Game Information:

Add the title of the assignment, your name and date to the game information (located under the resources menu item). (3 points)


None for this unit.


2 Responses

  1. Mr. Jarrell,
    Do we have a discussion or not? I watched the video Random events and you tell us that you want what would be on discussion, then this layout says “no discussions for this unit” so, do we have a discussion? Just want to know for sure!

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