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Game Programming – Unit 4

Learning outcomes

  • Identify Gamemaker terms
  • Program objects with gravity
  • Compare two game programming languages
  • Discuss two game programming languages
  • Design a program to let a player navigate obstacles.

To-do List

  1. Complete Unit 4 readings
  2. Watch video – Using gravity
  3. Watch assignment video – The navigator
  4. Complete assignment – The navigator
  5. Complete Unit 4 discussion
  6. Complete Unit 4 quiz


Game programming languages

Use the discussion board titled “Game programming languages” in Blackboard and compare two programs used for creating games. List the title (8 points), company(8 points), website url(8 points), price(8 points), intended user (beginner, hobbyist, expert, etc…)(8 points), brief description of the software(8 points) and five user reviews about each program(8 points each). In your own words, compare the two programs in one or two paragraphs(12 points). Do not use programs that other students have already posted.


Located in the help section of the Gamemaker software

  • Moving actions – Set friction
  • Moving actions – Set gravity


Using gravity


The navigator

Summary: Have the player pilot a ship using thrusters from one asteroid to another.

Total points: 100


  • Draw your own a sprite for the ship (5 Points) and rock (5 Points). Do not use graphics created by others.
  • Load a sprite for a “Continue” button. (2 Points)


  • Add a picture background, like a starry night, to the room where the game is played. (Not the plain black background shown in the video) (5 points)
  • Create a background for the title screen room. (5 points)
  • Create a background for the game over room. (5 points)


  • Include a sound for successfully landing. (5 points)
  • Include a sound for flying off the screen. (5 points)


  • Create an object for ship, rock start and rock end. (1 point each)
  • Continue button for Title screen. (2 points)
  • Ship
    • Set gravity during creation event. (5 points)
    • Send ship back to beginning (jump to start action) (5 points) and play a sound when ship flies off-screen (located under Other events). (5 points)
    • Set horizontal speed (use relative) when left (5 points) and right (5 points) keys pressed. Use a negative value for left and positive value for right.
    • Set vertical speed (use relative) when up key is pressed. Use a negative value. (5 points)
    • Play a sound (5 points)and display a message when player lands on second asteroid.(5 points)

Note: Use the Set Vertical Speed and Set Horizontal Speed actions and make sure to check the relative box.


  • Create a room with the two rocks and ship. (5 points)
  • Create a Title screen room with the continue button. (5 Points)
  • Create a Game over room. (5 Points)

Game Information:

Add the title of the assignment, your name and date to the game information (located under the resources menu item). (3 points)


Login to Blackboard and take the Unit 4 quiz.


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