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Game Programming – Unit 5

Learning outcomes

  • Identify Gamemaker terms
  • Create paths for object movement
  • Design a program that uses paths

To-do List

  1. Complete Unit 5 readings
  2. Watch video – Creating paths
  3. Watch assignment video – Navigator 2
  4. Complete assignment – Navigator 2


None for this unit.


Located in the help section of the Gamemaker software

  • Paths


Creating paths


Navigator 2

Summary: Fly a ship through an asteroid field to land on a planet. The asteroid motions are defined using paths.

Total points: 100


Draw your own sprites for the ship, planet, small asteroid and big asteroid. Do not use sprites created by someone else. (10 points – 2.5 points each)

Sounds and music:

  • Sound when ship collides with asteroid (3 points)
  • Sound when ship reaches planet (3 points)
  • Background music while game playing (3 points)


Use a picture background for the room (not the plain black background pictured) (4 points)


Create 3 paths and use them to control the big asteroids.

  • Path – 1 makes the asteroid go up and down (5 points)
  • Path – 2 makes the asteroid go left and right (5 points)
  • Path – 3 makes the asteroid travel in a circular path (5 points)


  • Create objects for vertical moving asteroid, horizontal moving asteroid, circle moving asteroid, ship, planet and small asteroid (6 points – 1 point each)
  • Ship –
    • Controlled by player using the arrow keys. Move if key pressed. Stop if key released. (10 points)
    • Play sound (5 points) and send ship back to start point if collision with big asteroid occurs. (5 points)
    • Play sound (5 points) and send ship back to start point if collision with small asteroid occurs. (5 points)
    • Show message (3 points) and play sound (3 points) when landing on the planet. Game ends after landing on the planet. (3 points)
  • 3 Asteroids – Assign a different path to each in the creation event. (3 points each)


Design a room for your game. (5 points)

Game Information:

Add the title of the assignment, your name and date to the game information (located under the resources menu item). (3 points)


Add a way to fire missiles from your ship to destroy asteroids. You will need to create a sprite and object for your missile and use the space bar to fire it. Once the missile destroys the asteroid the missile itself should be destroyed. (10 points)


None for this unit.


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  1. Mr. Jarrell,
    That youtube video will help me out a bunch! Thanks

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