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Game Programming – Unit 6

Learning outcomes

  • Identify Gamemaker terms
  • Discuss artificial intelligence used in gaming
  • Program timelines and alarms to define object movement
  • Design a program using timelines and alarms

To-do List

  1. Complete Unit 6 readings
  2. Watch video – Using timelines
  3. Watch video – Using alarms
  4. Watch assignment video – Jewel thief
  5. Complete assignment – Jewel thief
  6. Complete Unit 6 discussion
  7. Complete Unit 6 quiz


Artificial Intelligence in Games

Use the discussion board titled “Artificial Intelligence in Games” in Blackboard for the following discussion. For this discussion you will locate an article that discusses artificial intelligence used in games. List the title and author(s) of the article (5 points) and the URL of the article (5 points). Write a one paragraph summary of the article (30 points), one paragraph about what you think artificial intelligence adds to a game (30 points) and a third paragraph about where you think game AI is headed in gaming. (30 points)


Located in the help section of the Gamemaker software

  • Timeline actions
  • Alarm [0…11]


Using timelines

Using alarms


Jewel Thief

Summary: The player must sneak past guard to steal the treasure and make it to the exit.

Total Points: 100


  • Draw your own sprite for the treasure, player, guard, wall, escape and buttons. Do not use sprites created by someone else (12 points – 2 points each)


  • Create a background for the Title and Game Over screens. (4 points – 2 points each)


  • Load a sound for when player picks up diamond and when the player is caught. (4 points – 2 points each)
  • Load and use background music for the title screen and the treasure room. (4 points – 2 points each)

Time Line:

  • Create a time for the guard route. (10 points)


  • Create an object for the wall, player, guard, treasure, escape route, continue and exit buttons. (7 points – 1 point each)
  • Guard – Add the time line to the guard’s creation event. (3 points)
  • Player –
    • Create an alarm that will expire in 1000 steps (2 points), tell the player that the time has expired (2 points), play a sound (2 points) and send the player to the game over room. (2 points)
    • Stop the player when a collision with the wall occurs. (2 points)
    • Send the player back to the starting point (2 points) and play a sound when colliding with the guard. (2 points)
    • Set a variable called “treasureFound” to 0 during the player’s creation event. (2 points)
    • Set the variable called “treasureFound” to 1 (2 points), play sound (2 points) and make the diamond disappear when the diamond is touched. (2 points)
    • When touching the exit object, if the “treasureFound” =0 then tell the player he must get the diamond first and stop the player movement else the player is notified of success and take the player to the game over room. 6 points for control statements, 4 points for IF block actions, 4 points for ELSE block actions.
  • Continue and Exit buttons – Have mouse over effect and take player to next room (or exit). (6 points – 3 points each button)


  • Title Screen – Include a continue button that takes the player to the treasure room. (4 points)
  • Treasure room – Design your own treasure level. Do not copy mine from the video. (4 points)
  • Game Over – Include an Exit button that quits the game. (4 points)

Game Information:

Add the title of the assignment, your name and date to the game information (located under the resources menu item). (2 points)


Click on this link to practice for the quiz: http://quizlet.com/_4cxu7

Login to Blackboard and take the Unit 6 quiz.


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