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Game Programming – Unit 8

Learning outcomes

  • Identify Gamemaker terms
  • Design a background with tiles
  • Summarize and discuss a Massive Multi-player Role Playing Game
  • Create a script
  • Design and program a role-playing game

To-do List

  1. Complete Unit 8 readings
  2. Watch video – Creating and using scripts
  3. Watch assignment video – Heroic adventures
  4. Complete Final project – Heroic adventures
  5. Complete Unit 8 discussion – MMORPG
  6. Complete Unit 8 quiz


Massive Multi-player Online Roleplaying Game

Use the discussion board titled “Massive Multi-player Online Roleplaying Game” in Blackboard. Write a one paragraph summary of what a MMORPG is (23 points). List the title of a MMORPG (7 points), the website URL (7 points), the publisher (7 points), the cost (7 points), a description (7 points) and five user reviews (35 points – 7 points each). Reply to a post asking a question about his or her MMORPG (7 points). Answer any questions posted about your MMORPG. Do not discuss a MMORPG that someone else has discussed.


Located in the help section of the Gamemaker software

  • Scripts, function help


Creating and using scripts


Heroic adventures


In this game you will design a small village and have the player explore and interact with it. I have created the basic objects and sprites that you will need to complete the project. Open the unit 8 project file, http://www.box.net/shared/ajqdp30dl4 , and run the program. The barrel or chest is an example of a simple interaction. Touch it and see what happens.

Total Points: 100

Village design

Use the tiles to design the village. Change the layer in order to stack tiles on top of each other. The smaller layer numbers will be on top. The village is wider than the screen to create a scrolling effect as the player walks through it. Make sure to add scenery throughout the whole village. I noticed that tiles do not show the correct transparency in the Mac room editor but display correctly when the game is executed. The sample tile set to get you started is from RPGMaker XP http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/


  • Boundaries – player cannot walk through buildings or off the edge of the map. Make invisible objects to stop the player from going where he should not. – 10 Points Total (-2 points for each “hole”)
  • Map utilization (10 points total) – Only small percentage of area utilized with buildings and scenery (3 points); some areas of game area not utilized (6 points) ;  all areas of game screen utilized (10 points).
  • Scenery variety (10 points total)– Make different building layouts ( 2 story, L-shaped, etc…) buildings look the same, only a couple of scenery items used (3 points); variety of scenery and buildings used but placed randomly (6 points); variety of buildings and scenery used and village designed well. (10 points)
  • Effective use of layers – tiles are stacked on each other (windows on walls, etc…) – 10 points total (-2 points for each error)


Let the player interact with different objects. You can use invisible objects placed over tiles (like the barrel) to provide interaction. Have the NPC object start the player on a quest. You can have the NPC object display a message when the NPC object is touched.


  • At least 5 interactions – (10 points – 2 points each)
  • Background music – (5 points)
  • Sound attached to interactions – (5 points – 1 point each)
  • Go to Game Over room when quest is complete – (5 points)

Other rooms

Move the CITY room below the INSTRUCTIONS room before submitting the project. The Title Screen should include the title for your game and your name. The instructions screen should include the instructions for playing the game.

Other items to include:

  • Include roll over buttons on title screen (5 points) and instructions screen (5 points) to continue.
  • Include a roll over button on the Game Over screen to quit the game (5 points) or return to the title screen. (5 points)
  • At least 2 paths that villagers follow – (5 points – 2.5 points each)
  • Use at least one alarm to trigger an action during the quest – (5 points)
  • Create at least one script – (5 points)

10 Bonus Points for using the Room Tiles Background to create another room and to create the effect of walking into and out of a house.

Game Information:

Add the title of the assignment, your name and date to the game information (located under the resources menu item).


Go here to practice for the quiz: http://quizlet.com/_4bbfu

Login to Blackboard and take the Unit 8 quiz.


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