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Programming for non-majors – Unit 2

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate Say command
  • Demonstrate Do Together command
  • Demonstrate Turn To Face command
  • Create a scene
  • Develop a storyboard

To Do List

  1. Read Chapter 2
  2. Watch Lecture video
  3. Watch assignment video
  4. Post storyboard
  5. Complete assignment
  6. Complete chapter 2 quiz



Use the discussion board titled “Part 2 Storyboards” in Blackboard (or Epic for Academic Partnership students) and post your storyboard.


  • Chapter 2 – Program Design and implementation


Commenting, moving objects and say


Summary: Create a storyboard for your program and recreate your storyboard in Alice. Your objects will move around and speak.

Total points: 100


  1. Create a storyboard (a simple outline of the scenario is fine) (10 points)
  2. Add your name as a comment at the beginning (5 points)
  3. Add 5 objects (3 points each)
  4. Add comment above each object describing what it will do (3 points each)
  5. Have each object move to a place in the scene (4 points each)
  6. Have each object SAY something (4 points each)
  7. Demonstrate “Do together” (5 points)
  8. Demonstrate “Turn to face” (5 points)
  9. Add scenery objects to complete the scene (5 points)
  10. Post your storyboard to the discussion area labeled “Part 2 Storyboards”.
  11. Submit your Alice project file in Blackboard (or Epic for Academic Partnership students).


Login to Blackboard (or Epic for Academic Partnership students) and take the Chapter 2 quiz.


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