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Web 2.0 and Social Networking – Unit 1

Learning outcomes

  • Identify social network terms
  • Create accounts on social network sites
  • Increase site traffic to a website
  • Communicate through social networks
  • Manage online profiles

To Do List

  1. Introduce yourself in the discussion area
  2. Watch the video called Social Networking
  3. Complete the assignment Getting Social
  4. Read the information about Network Traffic
  5. Read the information about Klout
  6. Take the Unit 1 Quiz on Social Networking


Read about Klout  http://klout.com/corp/faq


Social Networking – Video posted in Blackboard Unit 1


Introduce yourself

Use the discussion board titled “Introduce yourself” in Blackboard  and introduce yourself to the class. Your major, interests, experience in digital media are some ideas. Please do not include “personal” information in this introduction.


Getting Social

Summary: Create accounts in social networking applications and start socializing.

Note: No files are required for submission in the assignment area, however, submit a statement in the assignment area that you are finished.

Here is a video on how to submit assignments in Blackboard.

Total Points: 100

Go to http://online.mylearningcommunity.us/ow/ and create an account (10 points). You can optionally login with your Facebook account if you have one. This is a closed social networking site on my web server. Some information is available to the public but they cannot participate or comment on the site. The video talks about Orkut but we will use this site instead. The concepts are the same but this is a more controlled environment.

When I validate your account, you will see a MEMBER label show up on your avatar. I will also send you an email when I validate your account.

Go to your profile and upload an avatar (picture representing you…does not have to be an actual picture of you) (5 points) 

Post a short description about you beneath your avatar and press the submit button (5 points). Remember that this information is public.

Go to the member screen and make me your friend (5 points). Whoever has a MEMBER tag has been confirmed as a student or previous student in this class. You can chat with your friends whenever they are online.

Post on the wall something you think the class will find interesting (5 points). Remember again, these are public comments.

Go to https://twitter.com/ and create an account (10 points). This account will be used for class work only so do not use an existing Twitter account. Create another Twitter account for class if you already use Twitter.

Update your profile picture (5 points) and bio (5 points).

Follow me. My Twitter name is johnnyjarrell (5 points).

Follow others: at least 10 other people (5 points), at least 20 other people (10 points).

Gain followers: at least 10 followers (5 points), at least 20 followers (10 points), at least 30 followers (15 points).

Go to http://klout.com/home and create an account with your new Twitter account (10 points).

Post links to your Twitter page and your Klout score in the Blackboard discussion area called “Twitter and Klout links” (10 points). Your links will look identical to mine except for the username. The Klout score may take 24 hours to appear because the site is updated nightly. Make sure the link is active so when someone clicks on the link they are taken to the page. Watch the video below if you do not know how to make an active link in a Blackboard posting. Make sure to select the option to open the link in a new page.

Network Traffic

I will take a snapshot of our class social site analytics and post the image at the beginning of each unit. This class will be responsible for generating traffic to the site and increase the number of unique visitors and page views by 25% by the time the next unit is due. Network traffic is 10% of your overall class grade. You will learn more in the next unit about generating engaging content.


Klout is 10% of your overall class grade. I will use your Klout score when Unit 8 is due to calculate your Klout score for your grade. The percentage will be calculated by dividing your Klout by 10 and multiplying by 2 with a maximum of 10% being awarded. For example, say you have a final Klout of 30 then your Klout percentage for your grade will be 6% of the possible 10%. Read http://klout.com/understand/score to learn more on how to increase your Klout.


Login to Blackboard and take the Unit 1 quiz. Questions come from video called Social Networking located in Blackboard.


2 Responses

  1. I am finished with all of week 1’s assignments and quiz except the klout badge which is giving me fits. R. McVay

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