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Web 2.0 and Social Networking – Unit 2

Learning outcomes

  • Identify Blogging terms
  • Discuss social networks
  • Create a blog post
  • Discuss online technology
  • Rate a blog post

To Do List

  1. Watch the video called “Introduction to blogging”.
  2. Discuss social networks.
  3. Complete the assignment “Blogging 1- Online Tech Talk”.
  4. Rate blogs posted by other students
  5. Complete the Unit 2 quiz.


Introduction to blogging – Video posted in Blackboard


Social Networking

Use the discussion board titled “Social Networking” in Blackboard and post your responses to the following questions. Write a paragraph for each 30 point item.

  • How do you feel about social networking sites? (30 Points)
  • What role do you think social networking should play in online classes? (30 Points)
  • Do you believe privacy is protected on social networking sites? (30 Points)
  • What experience (which do you use) do you have with social networking?(10 Points)


Blogging 1 – Online Tech Talk

Summary: Post a blog entry on our class social site that discusses software that you use to create content for your online courses or a web service that you use in your online classes.

Note: No files are required for submission in the assignment area, however, submit a statement in the Blackboard assignment area that you are finished and the title of your blog.

Total Points: 100

Choose a topic for your first blog post. Your topic must be about software you use to create content for your online courses or a web service that you use in your online classes.

Note: You can save your posting as a draft if you need more time to work on it. Publish it when you finish.

Points to cover:

  • Description of your software/service (10 points)
  • Website for your software/service (5 points)
  • Cost of the software/service (5 points)
  • Why you choose this topic (10 points)
  • An example of how you used the software/service in your class (10 points)
  • Link to a blog or article that discusses your topic (5 points)
  • Summary about the blog or article to encourage the reader to visit the site. (5 points)

Items to demonstrate:

  • BOLD text (5 points)
  • Italic text (5 points)
  • Underlined text (5 points)
  • Insertion of a MORE object after the first paragraph (5 points)
  • Addition of one or more tags (5 points)
  • Text that will link to another site (5 points)

Your rating score:

How others rate your blog posting will determine your rating score for this assignment. You must receive at least 10 ratings. The rating score is meant to encourage students to write engaging content and post in a timely fashion. (5 stars = 20 points, 4 stars = 16 points, 3 stars = 12 points, 2 stars = 8 points, 1 star = 4 points, 10 or fewer ratings (no matter how many stars) = 0 points)


Login to Blackboard and take the Unit 2 quiz. Questions come from the video “Introduction to blogging” located in Blackboard.


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