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Web 2.0 and Social Networking – Unit 4

Learning outcomes

  • Identify Web 2.o terms
  • Collaborate using a Wiki
  • Reflect on blogging
  • Create a tutorial

To Do List

  1. Watch video titled Wikis in Blackboard
  2. Discuss blogging
  3. Complete assignment Blackboard Tutorial Wiki
  4. Take the Unit 4 quiz




Wikis – Video posted in Blackboard



Use the discussion board titled “Blogging” in Blackboard and post what prior experience you had using Blogs prior to this course (25 points), if you will continue blogging after the class is over (25 points), what you will write about or why you will not continue to write (25 points) and what have you learned from your blogging experience. (25 points)


Blackboard Tutorial Wiki

Summary: Collaborate with the class using a wiki to create a Blackboard tutorial.

Total Points: 100

Choose your topic

Pick one small aspect of something students do in Blackboard and create a video tutorial just like you did in Unit 3. (20 points) Upload your video to YouTube when you finish. (5 points) Create a transcript of your video. (10 points) Add the transcript to your video. (10 points)

Note: You may want to skip ahead in the assignment and create your page and link in the topic category since no duplicates topics are allowed. In the case of a duplicate topic, I will only accept the work of the person who started first. Everything in PBworks is timestamped with a creation date.

I have created some default categories (you can create more) to get you started.

  • Login procedures
  • Mail
  • Discussions
  • Assignments
  • Exams and Quizzes
  • My Grades
  • Trouble shooting

Some example topics for mail are: inbox overview, compose a message, attach a file, formatting text, etc…

Do not create a tutorial on the whole Blackboard tool. Only talk about a component of the tool. Each video should only be a couple minutes in length.

Creating your PBworks wiki account

Go to http://pbworks.com/ and create an account. (10 points)

Go to the tutorial wiki and request to be a member of the wiki. It is located at http://bbtutorial.pbworks.com/w/page/54644617/Index (5 points)

Create a page (10 points), add your video(10 points), add your instructions (the transcript you used for the captioning) (10 points) and add a link to your page from the appropriate category page (10 points). You can create a new category for your topic if you need to.

After you have finished posting your tutorial on PBworks, submit your transcript to the Blackboard assignment area for this unit.


Login to Blackboard and take the Unit 4 quiz. Questions come from the video in Blackboard titled “Wikis”.


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