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Web 2.0 and Social Networking – Unit 8

Learning outcomes

  • Create a digital portfolio
  • Reflect on social networking  and class experience

To Do List

  1. Take a tour of Behance
  2. Discuss Social Networking and class experience
  3. Complete Portfolio Assignment.


Take a tour of Behance at http://www.behance.net/tour.


No videos for this unit.


Social Networking Reflection

Use the discussion board titled “Social Networking Reflection” in Blackboard and reflect on your experiences in class with the following: Our class social site “The Online Post”, blogging, creating video presentations, wikis, WordPress, Prezi, Klout, Twitter, using ratings in assignments, and class collaboration. (10 points each)


Portfolio Project

Summary: Create a portfolio of select media projects on Behance.

Total Points: 100

Create a free account on Behance at http://www.behance.net/ (10 Points)

Only give the required information when signing up and make up a birth date if you want.

Note: You will have to wait until the service sends you a confirmation before you begin work. You should receive the confirmation within 24 hours.

  1. Click the My Portfolio Tab and select Create New Project.
  2. Give your project a title. (10 Points)
  3. Upload an image for your project cover (read the requirements for the image size on Behance). (10 Points)
  4. Press the Save and Continue button.
  5. Select a Blank Canvas. (10 Points)
  6. Read the instructions and press Start Now.
  7. Add three videos that you created from previous assignments (30 Points). You can save a lot of time with your video by choosing the Embed option and pasting the embed code from a video you have posted on youTube.
  8. Press Save.
  9. Press the  Settings tab.
  10. Select a creative field.
  11. Add search tags. (5 Points)
  12. Enter a description and set description options. (5 points)
  13. Press Save and Continue.
  14. Set your copyright permissions.
  15. Enter the tools you used.
  16. Press Save and Continue.
  17. Click Publish Project. (10 Points)
  18. Press the Projects tab.
  19. Hover over your project image and select View Project.
  20. Copy the link from your browser and submit this link in the assignment area. (10 Points)
  21. Logout of Behance and test your link.
  22. Email me your link when you finish so I can check and make sure your link works.


No quiz for this unit.


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