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    I have moved to http://www.johnnyjarrell.com/

    Please update your bookmark.
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Site information


Johnny’s Learning Community was created to:

  • allow interested students to preview my courses.
  • provide students enrolled in my courses with an up-to-date repository of content (videos, assignments, discussion topics, etc…).
  • provide students with social tools to collaborate

Community Rules

  • Be polite to everyone in the community
  • Do not discuss or ask about grades in the community. Email me any questions about grades.
  • Do not disclose any personal information about yourself to the community.
  • Keep all chats, postings and questions professional and class oriented.


I encourage you to leave comments on my pages or posts. Feel free to ask questions or point out something that is not correct. Only members of the learning community can add comments.

Course Content

The course content shown is what I currently use in my courses. Content is updated between each offering. I am in the process of adding content for courses that were offered before I built this site. I am also in the process of adding close captioning to my videos.


You need to register your avatar, an image that is associated with your profile, at http://en.gravatar.com Use the same email to register at Gravatar as you did on this site. The avatar is displayed in your discussions, activities and chats.


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